If the last few weeks have proven anything, it has made a rock solid case for decentralization and disruption in a few industries. Similar arguments can and will be made over the next few years for disintermediation and applying the peer-to-peer model to pretty much every space.

Act I — Freedom of speech and deplatforming

Regardless of your political affiliation, I think many of us (the fair-minded anyway) can agree that the run up to the US election saw unprecedented tinkering, obstruction and interference in the process by Hitherto fair and free platforms (we thought so anyway) in the political…

The Bitcoin Blackhole sucking up everything in its path.

The recent weeks have seen Bitcoin’s seemingly inexorable rise from around $10K in Aug 2020 to $42K in Jan 2021, before settling at a more “reasonable” $32K over the last few days. A lot of key psychological barriers were shattered including a more than doubling of the previous $19.6K high set by Bitcoin in Dec 2017 and a $1 trillion market cap for the Cryptocurrency market as a whole. Bitcoin made an unsuccessful (for now) run at a $1 trillion market cap for just itself.

An interesting difference between this Bull…

While there have been numerous innovations in the Cryptocurrency space since Bitcoin kicked this new sector and asset class off in 2009, I can personally count on the fingers of one hand the number of times a Crypto has captured my imagination because of it’s novel economics, or tokenomics.

It may come as a surprise to some that experimentation on a whole different level with monetary systems is not a common theme in the space. To me the previous notable innovations in this space are

Bitcoin, of course with it’s deflationary money issuance model in the wake of the 2008…

If you’re in the cryptocurrency space and maybe even if you’re not, you’re likely aware of the recent Bitcoin halving event that took place on May 11th 2020. It’s the 3rd such event in Bitcoin’s history and occurs every 4 years or so. In this post we attempt to demystify the term and explain what some of the implications of the event may be.

The most important feature of Bitcoin is it’s hard 21 million supply limit. It is far more important than any technical advancements or features that one can build on top of it. It is the core…

What a month. It feels like we’ve been in March 2020 forever. As COVID-19 ravages the world, most people are understandably worried about the physical safety of their families and loved ones. Given that there is no dearth of Tech Entrepreneurs chiming in on Health, Epidemiology, Probabilities and Statistics of the ongoing crisis (most without any expertise in the area), I’m going to focus on the other area of crisis we are facing: Our financial well-being.

The realization that this stoppage of the world economy that was already teetering on the edge of economic depression (read more on this here

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re all having a swimmin’ 2020 so far. Fellow GPU miner here, and was hoping to gather the GPU miner community’s support on a new initiative we’re launching. If you’re not a big fan of long posts, scroll straight down to the cliffnotes section below.

We just recently launched an Orchestrator on Livepeer. Here’s our announcement link. For those unfamiliar with Livepeer, here is a quick primer.

The background

Essentially Livepeer is a decentralized blockchain-based video transcoding network. People that wish to have their Videos transcoded in exchange for a payment, submit them to the network, which…

YieldWallet.io is proud to participate in the continuing upgrade of the Livepeer network by rolling out our own Orchestrator node, a few weeks after the Streamflow release on the Livepeer Mainnet. If you’re not familiar with Livepeer, this is a good place to start. You can read more about our Livepeer transcoder launch here and more about what changes are being brought with the new Streamflow release here.

Key takeaways

a. Increased active set: Increasing the number of Orchestrators/Transcoders in the active list from 25 to 100. We were in 27–28th place prior to this release with quite a formidable…

As a Staking-as-a-service provider trying to win over support in various Crypto communities for our Validators, Block producers and Transcoders, it struck me that the differentiation will not be price, quality or high availability of the services performing the service (these will be the bare minimum for entry) for the respective Blockchains, but rather how the Validator contributes to improve the Technology, Infrastructure, Onboarding or Educational content of the Blockchain in question.

Right at the top of the totem pole are the founders or core team of a coin running their own validators, followed by Technology savvy operators who have…

After weeks of preparation, testing and trial-and-error along with heapfuls of crucial assistance from the Decred developer community (special shout out to Joe Gruff on chat.decred.org, Thank you Joe if you’re reading!), we’re proud to announce the launch of the YieldWallet.io Decred staking pool. As described in our Decred 101 post, Decred is a hybrid proof-of-work and proof-of-stake system, which means a combination of Miners and Validators secure the Decred network.

We got our start with Proof-of-work, having mined (still going strong) Decred using Antminer DR5 miners for a little over a year.

Howdy folks. It’s been about 45 days since we started our new Tezos Baking delegation service on YieldWallet, and the experience has been full of dynamic changes, news, dos and don’ts and technical learning. We’ve also gotten to know the Tezos community a lot better and if the interactions and the passion are any indication of the Coin’s future success, Tezos’ future sure does look very bright.

We got the timing just about right (sarc) and came to market at around the same time as Coinbase and Binance (talk about swimming with Sharks!). …

Gautam Sampathkumar

Founder / CEO, Indra Crypto Capital.

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